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I want to talk to someone

  • call 805-545-9562 and ask for someone in support

How do I export/backup my certificate?

  • Go to Start->Run mmc
  • File->Add/Remove Snap In
  • Choose Certificates
    • Choose "My User Account" for Email Certificates
    • Choose "Local Computer" for Website Certificates
  • Press OK, all the way out
  • Openthe first item, then the first item again, then personal, then click on certificates from menu on left
  • Right click on the certificate
  • All Tasks -> Export
  • Use all defaults, except
    • Yes, export the private key
    • Give it a password you will remember
  • Save this file to your desktop
  • Close mmc
OK, I got my email certificate, now what do I do?

  • In most email applications, you are already done.  At this point you are able to digitally sign any outgoing email.
  • Outlook allows you to digitally sign an individual email or to digital sign all by default.  See How at Microsoft Help
How do I import my email certificate to another computer?
  • Email the key you exported, per above directions, to yourself or copy to a USB key, etc.
  • Open the file
  • Use all defaults, except:
    • Mark this key as exportable
  • You will still need to configure your email program to use the email certificate
How do I use my email certificate on a windows mobile smartphone that uses Microsoft Exchange?
  • First, Import key per above directions
  • Open Exchange inbox
  • menu -> tools -> options
  • Choose Exchange account
    • Keep clicking next until you see the Contacts, E-Mail, Calendar, and Tasks shown
    • Click Email once, leaving it checked
    • Click Advanced
    • Check to sign all outgoing email messages
    • Choose Certificate
  • Press OK all the way out
I heard that I can encrypt my email, how?
  • Most email applications these days understand what to do with secure certificates.  Once you have received an email with a certificate, your computer now knows that you can potentially send encrypted email back.
  • If you have a certificate and you receive an email from someone who included a certificate, you simply have to check "encrypt" on a reply.  Most email applications have this in options.

My Recipient sees a strange attachment when I email them with my secure certificate included, why?

  • Your recipient is using an application that does not understand email security.  They can ignore the attachment.

What is SSL?

  • SSL does two things for you.  First, it ensures that the website you are viewing is actually the website you want.  If the URL says www.mybank.com you can be certain that you are actually viewing www.mybank.com.  Secondly, information transmitted to and from your machine all the way to the server hosting that website is encrypted.

What is a CSR?

  • A CSR is a string that begins the process of securing your website.  This information is used to generate the SSL certificate that will be used by your users.
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